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This is an RPG set at the beginning of the starwars universe.
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The era is the Rise of the Empire.

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 Character Skeleton

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PostSubject: Character Skeleton    Tue Aug 24, 2010 12:19 pm

Before you start RPing, read this, make your character, work hard on it, drink some orange juice, and post it in the forum titled, "New Characters" for me to review. If I accept it, I'll move the topic to "Accepted Characters."

Here's the character skeleton:

[b]Character's Name:[/b]

[b]Homeworld:[/b] Planet of birth

[b]Age:[/b]  1 year old or 1000 years old?

[b]Gender:[/b] Male or female

[b]Current Residence:[/b] Where you live now

[b]Species:[/b] Any species from the Star Wars universe will do and there are more than enough to go around.

[b]Allegiance:[/b] Sith Empire, Republic, Jedi Order, Mandalorian, Neutral, Pirate, Techo Union, etc.

[b]Profession:[/b] What is your guy? Commando, Sith, Jedi, Spy etc...

[b]Skills:[/b] What can your character do?

[b]Weapons / Items:[/b] Your character’s weapons and items.

[b]Force Powers (Force-Sensitives only):[/b] Force abilities you possess. Keep them realistically within your character's ability (e.g. a Padawan vs. a Jedi Master).

[b]Biography:[/b] A short biography of your character just so I can understand who or what he/she is.

[b]Behavior:[/b] How does he/she act?

[b]Fears:[/b] What is your character afraid of?

[b]Goals:[/b] What does your character want to do in the RP?

[b]Appearance:[/b] Picture or description. Yours, the choice is.

[b]Cloth / Armor:[/b] Picture or description. Yours, the choice is.

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Character Skeleton
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